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The Best Substitute For Lemon Juice

POV: You’re in the kitchen cooking a delicious sheet pan dinner of fresh fish and lots of colorful veggies. Ready to serve it up? Just a hint of citrus flavor will finish it off perfectly. You reach for fresh lemons to squeeze on top, but… you’re all out!

Lemon is a STAPLE in the kitchen! A versatile ingredient with wonderful health benefits. And it’s used in a variety of recipes baked goods and savory dishes. Lemons are even for great for cleaning!

There are plenty of substitute options when recipes call for lemon juice. And we have the perfect solution to make sure you NEVER run out.

A box of True Lemon on top of a pile of fresh lemons.

How To Use Lemons When Cooking

Lemon adds a bright citrusy flavor to both savory and sweet dishes, and it’s one of the most acidic ingredients. Lemon helps baked good rise properly during the cooking process. And for baking or cooking, lemon adds a tangy boost of flavor. So you can skip some of the salt.

Lemons are also great to finish off a dish with a little squeeze of juice on top for extra taste. It’s also good for keeping flavor while cutting calories when used in place of salad dressing.

Lemon is an excellent source of Vitamin C! It’s great for drink mixes, so you get a little immune system boost when you mix it into your water or tea.

How To Substitute Lemon Juice

Having fresh produce and a stockpile of lemons on hand may not always be feasible. There may be times a recipe calls for lemon juice and you find your lemon stand has run dry. Here are some easy ways to substitute lemon juice in your recipes, plus the perfect solution for never running out!

Citrus Fruits
Use another juice as a substitute! Other citrus fruits are a great option because of similar flavor profiles and their acidic makeup. The best citrus substitute for lemons? Limes! These two go hand in hand.

Orange juice is also a good option. It’s a little sweeter than lemon juice, but it has less of a bitter aftertaste. Oranges are not as acidic, but they are tart and flavorful. Grapefruit juice is another option, because it has the same acidic taste and bitterness of lemons. However, grapefruits are not as sour as lemon juice. Replace citrus fruits at a 1:1 ratio.

Wine or Vinegar
Dry white wines are an excellent substitute for lemon juice. Be sure that it’s dry and not a sweet wine. The best options are sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio. These are the more acidic varieties of white wines.

Vinegar is acidic and tart like lemon juice and also makes for a good substitute. Use it at half the amount of lemon juice needed. However, vinegar is strong in flavor and best used in savory recipes.Replace white wine or vinegar at a ½:1 ratio.

Baking Alternatives
Lemon extract is great as a substitute for the lemon flavor without the acidity. It’s a good way to replace lemon juice in baking recipes. It’s best to use it when only a splash of lemon juice is needed or to replace lemon zest. Lemon extract is very concentrated. You only need a teaspoon of extract per two tablespoons of lemon juice (or two teaspoons lemon zest.)

Cream of tartar is another acidic ingredient sold in the baking section of most grocery stores. Dissolve it in water and use it at a ratio of half to the amount of lemon juice needed. Replace at a ½:1 ratio.

A set up of tea with a box of True Orange and a True Orange Ginger Spice Blend.

True Citrus is the easiest way to substitute lemon juice.

Let’s face it, we can’t possibly keep all the lemons on hand to do all the great things we know about. And even if we did have a beautiful lemon tree right at our disposal, all that cutting and squeezing and cleaning is so time consuming!

That’s why True Lemon and True Lime make it so easy to live happy and healthy, without the labor and waste. Mix it into your drinks or use it in place of lemon juice for an easy, convenient way to get the fresh-squeezed flavor you love without the artificial sweeteners.

And here’s another great way to add a boost to your tastebuds! These citrus forward salt free seasonings add the burst of flavor you’re looking for, without the salt. Just sprinkle as your cooking or add to your finished meal. These are a unique alternative to lemon juice and salty seasonings with a delicious citrus flavor.