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December 23, 2019

Healthy New Years Inspiration | Top New Year Resolutions

The new year is almost here! Setting new goals at this time is a wonderful way to stay motivated and create real positive changes in your life. 

People often struggle to keep their New Year’s Resolutions going all year long, usually because the goals they come up with aren’t specific enough. For example, making the goal “I want to lose 10 pounds” is pretty vague and it doesn’t help you visualize any kind of tangible motivation. Instead, consider why you want to lose 10 pounds and specify from there. For example, you could make a goal of “be able to do 10 pull-ups” (get stronger) or “fit into one smaller jean size” (feel more confident in my clothes) instead. 

Deciding to get healthy in the new year is a valuable goal, but there are so many more ways to improve yourself and your overall happiness this year. Here are some of our favorite New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. 

Top New Year Resolution Ideas for 2020

  • Choose one night per week to be “No Screens Allowed” night.
    And by no screens we mean no smartphones, no tablets, and no TV. Use the time to connect with your loved ones, play games, read a book, or exercise! Make it a point to use this designated one night every week as quality time for yourself and the people you care about. 
  • Eat 1 more serving of vegetables each day. 
    We can all stand to eat more vegetables. Make an effort to increase your intake just by one additional serving every day. Add a handful of spinach to your morning egg scramble, replace your snack of string cheese with carrot sticks & hummus instead, and add a side salad to your dinner meal. 
  • Get creative every day. 
    Exercising creativity is beneficial to strengthening your mind and increasing your brain’s connection capabilities. Whether your goal is to start playing an instrument, write in your journal each night, paint or draw once a week, or start a new craft, these are all wonderful ways to flex your brain muscles. 
  • Use something other than your car as a mode of transportation 2x a week. 
    Driving creates a lot of pollution, traffic is endlessly stressful, and sitting all the time doesn’t help anything. Vow to find a couple of days a week where you use something other than your car to get around, such as riding a bike, walking, or even taking public transportation and using the time to quietly meditate or read a book.
  • Pay off one credit card. 
    We all have debt. Whether we have outstanding money due on a credit card, student loans, or a car payment we’re still making every month, these debts hold us back from other things we would like to do in our lives. Try planning a Spending Fast like this one, or checking out a debt payoff book from your local library. Coming up with a good plan to pay off just one portion of your debt goes a really long way. 
  • Find a positive mantra to say to yourself every morning, and stick to it every day. 
    Learning how to love yourself is so important in finding happiness. Cultivate that kind of positivity this year by coming up with your own daily mantra. Some great ideas are: “I am beautiful inside and out.” “I am a strong, kind, and good person. I deserve great things.” Write your mantra on a sticky note and place it on your bathroom mirror where you can say it to yourself in the morning before you leave the house. 
  • Add one more glass of water to your daily routine. 
    Whether it’s first thing in the morning when you wake up or just after dinner, work to add one more 16 ounce glass of water to your day. A great way to encourage yourself to drink up and stay hydrated is by flavoring your water with all-natural True Citrus products

Create space to really think about what you’d like to accomplish in your life in 2020, and how you would like to move forward in a positive way. This list is a great place to get started!


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