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Staying hydrated is one of the keys to being healthy, and here at True Citrus we believe in living your healthiest, happiest and truest life. Our True Crew members don't just know that, they've made it their mantra.

"Exploring nature through travel and photography helps me focus on the beauty in the world. Shooting landscapes makes the noise and distractions of ever day life disappears."

Claudia W. Ackerman

"I live my healthiest, happiest and truest life by always looking for solutions. This helps me think positively, and also allows me to enjoy a good work/life balance that works for my lifestyle."

Nathan Livingston

"I live my healthiest, happiest, and truest life by spending time with my family; staying hydrated and well rested; traveling; exercising; and doing what I love to do: hair!"

Kauilani Goodwyn

"Going for walks every day, focusing mostly on nutrient-dense foods and unplugging on the weekends are three ways I stay my happiest, healthiest and truest self."

Mia Syn

"Now that I am a little older and have had a healthy baby, I am so grateful to my body for being healthy and being able to create a person! I love that I am really focused now on health, strength, and wellness, versus looking a certain way."

Ashleigh Gallagher

"I enjoy each day with a sense of appreciation and not obsessing over the little things. Life is too short!"

Nadia Murdock

"I live my happiest life by sharing my passion for fitness and health with others. I love going to the gym and lifting weights and taking care of my body while teaching others how to do the same."

Shayli Campbell

"I live my healthiest, happies, and truest life by making sure I'm well-rested and hydrated. To keep my body and mind healthy, I always make time to go to the gym, so that I can always be on top of my game and feel my best."

Sandra Christian

"By making as many mistakes as possible. It's a big ask, but I'm trying :)"

Sean Runnette

"Staying hydrated and making sure to workout almost every day. Also, since I'm a blogger, I make sure to unwind and get away from social media every once in a while, which includes indulging in my hobbies and hanging out with my friends in relaxing environments. "

Rachel Paraoan

"Dream big, and then pursue those dreams…. Who would have thought I could scale Kilimanjaro?"

Michael Persky

"With lots of trial and error, I've learned that living my best life comes down to balance. I've grown to be more self-aware of what makes me truly happy and what tends to be temporary. Happiness for me..."

Austin Kitchen

" As an artist and stylist, I’m constantly tasked with making things and people look good. I’ve learned along the way that the first step in these endeavors is taking care of your body and health in the beginning. True Citrus definitely helps remind me take a moment and to drink more water through the day when things get crazy. "

Chiosi Cocoa

“Being grateful for every single day and by nourishing my body and soul with good food and good thoughts. Additionally, surrounding myself with an amazing community!”

Maria Fernanda

"Walking my dog every day, meditating and setting boundaries after work and on the weekends for self care are three ways I stay my happiest, healthiest and truest self."

Sarah Beth Ramsey

"It's taken me a long time to realize happiness is a NOW thing; you can’t search for the perfect life or wish for happiness. It's something you can only find when you start seeing the good in your present..."

Alysha Wilson

"Drinking lots of water is important for me as a former kidney stone sufferer. I have to balance coffee intake with water and great tasting water and tea makes it much easier. I add True Citrus products to both my water and tea throughout the day."

Anna Cunningham

"I dance and socialize to live my healthiest, happiest, and truest life."

Hasanna Lawyer

Emmie: "I’m happy by having lots of friends at school!" Ada: "I’m happy by singing and cuddling with my family!"

Emmie & Ada

"My healthiest, happiest life includes wholesome food, quality time with family and friends, lots of laughter, following my passions, moving my body, and plenty of time outdoors. If I make time for..."

Emilie Hebert

"I live my happiest, healthiest, truest life by pursing all of the passions and purposes I feel I have on this earth. I try not be limited by categories like age, sex, race, or occupation. If it makes me feel like it is fulfilling my purpose, utilizes any talent I may have been blessed with or can help other people, I will seek it. I think being happy and healthy means being apologetically true to yourself."

MacKenzie Garvin

"I live my healthiest, happiest, and truest life by drinking hot tea daily (which I put True Lemon in), getting outdoors and breathing fresh air, trying not to get too stressed, spending time with my closest friends, and catching a movie from time to time."

Mia Elane

"Living a healthy lifestyle is so important to me because it helps me in all aspects of my life. Exercising and eating nutritious foods helps me be a better mom to my two little kids and a better wife!"

Brooke Carlson

"By never giving up – ever."

Matt Carney

"I live my healthiest, happiest, and truest life by making time to read and listen to music."

Ilana Lawyer

"I struggled with two autoimmune conditions for 11 years and since healing and going into remission these are the main things I focus on to stay healthy, happy and my truest self: You have control..."

Katie Faison

"I prioritize those foods, activities, and goals that align with my interests and happiness!"

Taylor Evans

I live my truest life by keeping my physical health & mental health as balanced as I can. For example I love running, and I do 5ks from time to time.

Esther Njeru

I live my happiest and healthiest life when I am moving my body every day, fueling it properly, celebrating it, and allowing it to do the things I love most.

Meg Miles

"I live my happiest/healthiest & truest life by working on myself every day and my wellness journey."

Evan Grabelsky

I love cooking both Middle Eastern and Chilean foods for my family and friends. I have over 60 nephews & nieces (2 generations) and they love my hummus and lemon biscotti, also my guacamole sprinkled with extra True Lime.

Teresa Chala