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Woman at the Grand Canyon applying sunscreen.

Best Ways to Nurture Your Face and Body (Skin Protection)

A couple of common health goals are: wanting to lose weight, and wanting to have more energy. However, taking steps to achieve these goals can have another surprising result: healthier skin. 

Feeling good and looking good can easily go hand-in-hand. What we put inside our bodies is broken down and processed into the nutrition that feeds our cells - no wonder the saying exists: “you are what you eat”. When you take care of the inside of your body, you’re taking care of the outside too

While eating high quality, whole foods is an important component to glowing skin, it is also vital to focus care and attention to what you are applying externally too. The skin is our largest organ, so what you choose to slather on each day really matters. Here are some helpful steps to include in your healthy skin care routine.

The Best Skin Care Routine for a Healthy Glow

Ultimately, the best skin care products are the ones that fit your skin type and your individual needs. Older skin needs a different kind of moisturizer than young skin, and the same with oily, dry, or sensitive skin types. Here are some general things to look for when choosing a moisturizer at the store:

• If you have dry skin, regular lotion isn’t going to do the trick. Read the ingredients of many types of lotions and often the first one on the list is water. Opt for cream instead or body oil that you can apply right out of the shower. Some people have found great success with using coconut oil as a moisturizer, but a heavier cream-style moisturizer (even a night cream) for day use is perfect for dry facial skin. 

• If you have wrinkles, look for a cream that contains vitamin A and/or vitamin E. Vitamin A has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and vitamin E has antioxidant properties that reduce UV damage as well as reduce scarring and add a layer of extra protection. 

• If you have oily skin, you should still moisturize but with a lighter lotion. In this case, water-based is better to opt for over oil-based. Often people with oily skin choose not to put on lotion due to fear of over-moisturizing, however the body can over produce oil if you aren’t giving it some kind of topical moisture to stay supple. 

• If you have sensitive skin, choose the most wholesome products possible and avoid additives like colors, dyes, and scents. Many baby products are made to be extra gentle as well, so don’t be shy to reach for a bottle of unscented baby soap or lotion.

In order to get the most out of your skin care routine, be sure you’re applying everything to your skin in an order that maximizes the product’s ability to nourish and protect. Always start with a base moisturizer, then once that is absorbed apply your sunscreen. Once you have a good base of moisture and protection, then apply makeup.

Woman pouring a packet of Fruit Infusions into a mason jar filled with water.

Hydrate inside and out

Making sure you get plenty of water in the morning and throughout the day is vital to healthy skin. Water is a healthy addition because it plumps up skin cells and flushes out toxins, leaving you with a healthy, natural glow. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and if your skin is looking a bit dull or you need a quick pick-me-up, put some cold water in a clean spray bottle and give your face and body a spritz. Here are 7 easy ways to drink more water every day

Skin care products can get expensive very quickly, but choosing a high-quality product and using it in smaller amounts will be more beneficial in the long run than the giant tub of lotion with added unnecessary ingredients. Some tips for getting the most out of your skin care products:

• Use creative solutions like coconut oil, an inexpensive alternative to heavy creams. Put it on while your skin is still warm just out of the shower. A little will go a long way! 
• To stretch that pricey face cream, dab small amounts around your face then rub it in (rather than rubbing it on your hands then applying to your face). This will ensure the maximum amount goes onto your face, rather than getting absorbed into your hands. 
• Mix your own concoctions, rather than spending extra for the anti-aging creams. Most of the time when a label says “anti-aging” it just includes sun protection, so mix a small dab of sunscreen in with your regular lotion and voila! A high-end product at half the cost.

Even a short period of sun exposure can damage skin, so a great habit is to apply a layer of sunscreen before you leave the house every day - especially when more of your skin is exposed (like during warm summer months). UV rays damage skin cells and can lead to early signs of aging, but it is important to remember to choose quality protection so that you don’t do even more damage to your body. 

As mentioned before, the skin is the largest organ of your body. Skin is made up of millions of tiny cells that absorb whatever you apply externally. Why would you not choose the highest quality possible? Here are some truths about sunscreen products, and this is a great resource for common sunscreen ingredients to be wary of.

Many folks hit the pillow with a face that is still covered in makeup, a general layer of sweat, city grime, or residue that has piled up throughout the day. We carry that layer to the pillow and then let it soak in throughout the night! Sounds pretty gross when put that way, right? 

Even just wetting a warm washcloth and running it over your skin is better than sleeping without cleaning your face before bed. Many companies make disposable cleansing face wipes as well, making it easy to remove any grime that’s accumulated throughout the day. Another good habit for great skin is to change your pillowcase regularly.

Taking great care of your skin is about loving your body both inside and out. Remember that what you eat and drink fuels every cell in your body, so make sure you’re feeding them well. And take care of skin from the outside-in so that you can radiate health from all facets.