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How Much Water Should I Really Drink Each Day?

How Much Water Should I Really Drink Each Day?

We have all embraced the phrase “you are what you eat”. But are we also what we drink? Most of the weight that we carry around is made up entirely of water (about 60%), which is vital for all of the cells in the body to function properly. Water helps flush out toxins, aids in moving things through the digestive system, carries nutrients between cells, and so much more. Water is the oil that keeps the mechanisms of the body moving!

Did you know that approximately 75% of Americans fail to meet their suggested intake of water each day? Considering how important water is to our bodily functions, dehydration could be a contributing factor to many health issues that people in the U.S. face today. 


How much water should I drink a day? 

The amount of water you need to drink each day for optimal health is not one-size-fits-all. It depends on how much exercise you get, what type of climate you live in and daily temperatures, how much you weigh, along with your age, gender, and a number of other factors. 

Many have heard the standard “8 glasses a day”, with little specification of how large those glasses should ideally be. Your doctor can advise on the right amount of water you specifically need, however here are some general guidelines:

  • It is recommended that men drink about 13 cups of water each day (104 ounces). If you use a standard 32oz Nalgene water bottle, that’s 3 ¼ Nalgene bottles of water. 
  • It is recommended that women drink about 9 cups of water each day (more for pregnant or breastfeeding women). That’s 72oz, so 2 ¼ Nalgene bottles. 

Again, these are basic recommendations. If it’s a hot day, or you are sweating a lot from exercising, you will need to drink more water. The same goes for if you’re sick. You may need less if you have a heart or kidney condition, so talk to your doctor for more personal recommendations. 

What can impact my water intake? 

Highly caffeinated beverages, like black tea or coffee, cause you to lose water through urine. Although fruit juices and sodas contain water they are also really high in sugar and calories, and not a great option for hydrating in a healthy way. Sports drinks can be filled with additives and sugar, so be sure to check the ingredients. Alcoholic beverages are also very dehydrating and linked to weight gain

True Lemon Fruit Infusions are a great option if you need a little extra encouragement to drink up. They’re free of calories and at a wonderful zing of flavor to your glass! 

How do I drink more water? 

Here are some simple tips to help you drink more water:

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables!
Cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini, carrots, celery, watermelon, apples - they all contain high amounts of water, vitamins, and minerals. 

Use a water tracking app.
There are plenty of them out there, so download your favorite and start tracking your intake. 

Bring it along.
Every time you leave the house, bring a bottle of water along with you. If you have it ready to go you will be more likely to drink.

Make a glass of water part of your routine.

Drink a full glass of water when you wake up, a glass before lunch, and then a glass before dinner. Make it a regular habit and you’ll easily get in your ounces!

Add a calorie-free flavoring to your water. A hint of sweetness or fruit flavoring will make you crave more water. 

Although at first it might be challenging to drink more water, it will get easier the more you do it. You may notice small improvements at first, like joints moving more easily, or your skin clearing up. Let these small changes motivate you to keep on sipping - your body will love the hydration! Drinking more water is a great way to improve overall health and happiness.

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