8 Uses for True Lemon That You’ll Love!

March 16, 2017
True Lemon packet sitting on the arm of a wooden chair

There are plenty of good reasons why True Lemon is a bestseller, and it’s not just because it is the best alternative out there to fresh-squeezed lemons. It’s so convenient to bring along with you, therefore the possibilities for use are diverse and endless!

We’ve found some fantastically clever ways to use True Lemon in your everyday life, and here are some of our favorites:

  1. Use it for a squeeze of lemon (when lemon is just not convenient).
    Add 1 packet of True Lemon to a cup, then carefully pour in a light beer for a refreshing beach treat, without the mess! Have a server that can’t seem to remember to bring lemon for your water? No worries – you’ve brought your own!
  2. Sprinkle in ice cube trays, and just add water!
    This way your ice is ready to go with that extra boost of flavor. A favorite trick of ours is to add one True Lemon ice cube to a cup of hot green tea to make it drinkable right away!
  3. Keep sliced fruits fresh.
    Sprinkle over sliced apple to keep from browning, or mix with a fruit salad to keep it fresher for longer. This works great on sliced avocado as well.
  4. Clear up that cold.
    Add to hot tea, chicken soup, or electrolyte drink to kick that cold a little faster!
  5. Make your snack a little more interesting!
    That hummus not doing it for you today? Salad just not hitting the spot? A packet of True Lemon will give it zing. This works great for plain or vanilla yogurt too!
  6. Perk up produce.
    If lettuce is getting a little droopy, dunk it in some ice water with a packet of True Lemon to perk it back up again.
  7. Neutralize stinky stuff.
    Sprinkle on cutting boards after chopping strong-smelling foods such as onions, garlic, or fish. Want to wait to take out the trash until morning? Add True Lemon to neutralize odor.
  8. Skip the butter!
    When you get popcorn at the movie theater, avoid adding oil or butter by using a sprinkle of True Lemon instead! It also tastes great with corn on the cob if you’re at a cookout.

What are your favorite ways to use True Lemon? We love hearing your ideas! Email us at customercare@truecitrus.com and let us know how you incorporate our products into your life each day!

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