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April 27, 2017

5 Unusual Things to be Thankful For (That You Might Take for Granted)

It's a little early to start thinking about Thanksgiving, but there are so many parts of life that are important to reflect upon and be grateful for. You don't need a big holiday or vacation to give yourself time to soak in all of the wonderful blessings we have in the world!

Life is not always full of sunshine and rainbows, but the low moments are the ones that make us appreciate the highs so much more. Some items on this list may seem a little unusual, as they aren't necessarily considered things that make us happy. However that doesn't make them any less important in the scope of life and happiness.

Here are some amazing things to appreciate - whether in your darkest hour, or your brightest!

5 Things to Be Grateful For (That We Sometimes Take for Granted)

  1. Having to wait.
    Getting stuck in traffic or waiting in a long line at the grocery store can be a blessing in disguise. It's time when were forced to pause for a moment in our busy lives! Rather than using it to check your phone or email for the 100th time, try striking up a conversation with someone next to you in line. If in traffic use the time to pause and take some deep breaths, and think about where you are in life. Every moment is precious, even when waiting!
  2. Missed opportunities.
    Maybe you didn't get the job you really wanted, or the beautiful apartment, or you missed meeting someone for a date. In the moment it may feel like you lost a huge opportunity for something great. On the flip side, it could also mean you missed something that could have been a terrible mess! Sometimes weighing what the negative 'could have been' helps to create the mindset of positivity, and prepare you for something even better that comes next.
  3. Loss.
    Whether it's a bad breakup or a death in the family, loss is a way to reflect and learn. Without loss, there is no room for growth. Things come to an end, and that helps remind us to make choices based on love, creativity, and hope - not fear. And that is a beautiful thing!
  4. A minor illness or injury.
    Sometimes it takes getting sick or breaking a bone in order to make us appreciate the valuable times of health. Having to use crutches for a little while may allow us to understand the difficulties that people with disabilities go through each day. Think of that cold as life telling you to take extra care of yourself for a little while.
  5. Having a day with nothing to do.
    Are all of your friends busy today? Do you suddenly realize you're utterly bored with nothing to do today? There are plenty of people that would be thrilled to have an entire day to themselves! It may be a bit strange to have a day when you aren't running around or meeting up with friends, but it should be seen as a quiet blessing. If the weather is nice, go out and do something you haven't done in a while, like taking a long bike ride or lounging on a blanket in the park. If it's cold or rainy, start an organizing or painting project at home that you've been putting off.

Our time on this earth is short, so we should be thankful for these moments. Negative situations may happen, but it's wonderful to be able to take a step back and gain some perspective on everything we are so lucky to have.

What can you feel thankful for today? 

[Credit: Moore, Susie. 12 Unlikely Things to Be Grateful For. Greatist.]