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May 30, 2017

The Best 6 Motivational Apps for Your Resolution Check-In

Congratulations! You've reached the halfway point for your New Year's Resolutions! Remember those? We know it was 6-months ago, but were hoping you didn't completely lose sight of your goals.

Any time we make big plans to create new healthy habits there will inevitably be growing pains. Change takes time, but the important part is not that first attempt, but all of the attempts and re-starts after that. Staying motivated to try and try again will bring true success

If you did fall off the resolution train, not to fret! We have found 6 apps that will help get you back on track.

The Best Mobile Apps for Healthy Living

Productivity Challenge Timer

For both Apple and Android

If you need to find a way to work harder and be more productive, this app is for you. You rise in the ranks depending on your performance, while on the other hand drop if you slack off. An excellent app for people that are easily distracted, or tempted to play games when they should be working.


For both Apple and Android

Have some down time, and are tempted to start playing a game or fall into the black hole of social media? Instead of getting tied in to endless (and mindless) entertainment, use an app that will give you some useful facts and information that you can absorb quickly then move on with your day. Curiosity is a free app that does just that! Learning these little tidbits will keep your brain active and learning - a wonderful way to stimulate your focus, and power your personal drive.

Wonderful Day


"Wonderful Day is an incredibly simple way to keep yourself motivated to form good habits and get things done." - Lifehacker. If that doesn't win you over, were not sure what will! This helpful little app will have you set up daily goals to mark off on a calendar. Green dots and red dots determine if you succeed or fail, to make it easy to see if you're on the right track. The best part? It really works!

Motivation Daily & Positivity

For both Apple and Android

A simple easy-to-use app for getting a daily dose of motivation! Murray Newlands is an author and motivational speaker that has developed a streamlined and straightforward way to encompass all types of accomplishments you may want to reach. You can easily apply his daily affirmations and advice to anything from kicking butt at the gym to preparing for a big meeting at work, or just simply taking on the day with gusto!

My Gratitude Journal

For Apple. Bliss Gratitude Journal is a great alternative available on Android.

Being grateful for everything you have in your life is a small step you can take in finding greater happiness and fulfillment. If your resolution was to find a way to be less stressed, and find your true calling - this may be perfect for you!


For both Apple and Android

Another great app for increasing focus and productivity, especially for those addicted to their smartphones. It's super simple: just set a timer, and as you avoid your phone, a tree grows and flourishes. If you leave the app to check Facebook or play a game, the tree dies. A wonderful motivational tool for people who are working towards being more mindful and less distracted in their lives.

Was your original resolution to lose weight and get healthier? We have listed our favorite health and weight loss apps right here!

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