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October 30, 2017

The Secret to Being More Productive

It's not rocket science, folks: when you exercise regularly you feel better. Making time for that workout every day improves more than just your waistline. Being physically fit is linked to improved sleep, better stress management, and even productivity.

Wait, exercise will make me more productive?

You bet - and not just at work either! There have been numerous studies that have shown that regular exercise improves neurological connectivity. This means mental sharpness, better problem solving skills, and more healthy brain activity later in life. In one study, it was discovered that exercise is linked to overall health and wellness well into old age.

Can being fit result in a bigger paycheck?

Yes, and we have the science to back it up. In a study by Cleveland State University associate professor Billy (Vasilios) D. Kosteas, a link was found between earning a higher salary and working out regularly. A quote from Kosteas in an interview with the Daily Mail:

"In addition to the positive impacts on heart health, weight and other medical issues, studies show that exercise leads to improved mental function, psychological condition and higher energy levels. All three of these traits can translate into higher earnings."

How's that for motivation?

So spending time on exercise makes the time I have at work and home more valuable?

That's the idea in a nutshell! Here are some simple ways to incorporate more activity into your week:

Do some basic yoga stretches in the morning, then go for a 30 minute walk before starting the day.
Find a nearby gym where you can get a 5 or 10 class punch card. Pick a class and devote every Tuesday to attending it for the next 5-10 weeks.
Bike to and from work, school, or errands today! When home, set the kitchen timer and do 10 push-ups every 10 minutes for one hour.
Meet up with some friends for a game of kickball, bowling, rollerskating, or trampolining. Embrace your inner child!
Do an early morning circuit.
Find a new active hobby! Try any of these ideas: kickboxing, salsa dancing, ice skating, mountain biking, trail running, geocaching, rock climbing, adult recreational leagues (softball, kickball, dodgeball).
Yoga in the morning, then a walking activity (the zoo, the park, botanical gardens, the farmer's market).

Whether with friends and family or at work, adding more activity to your schedule will make all aspects of life more enjoyable!


[Credit: Curiosity. Richard Branson's Secret to Productivity and Success is Simple: Work Out.]