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A box of True Lemon next to sliced open lemons. The background is bright pink.

The Real Summer MVP: Beating the Heat with True Citrus

Summer days are beginning to reach a whole new level of heat, making it more important than ever to keep your body hydrated and cool. You can always fill a kiddie pool in the yard, have a water balloon fight, or run through a few sprinklers in order to chill out. Although those activities are all a blast, sipping on an icy and refreshing beverage will really do the trick (and boost your water intake for the day). 

So rather than get overheated, reach for one of these thirst quenching drinks this summer!

Sweet tasting low-sugar smoothies

Smoothies are great as a meal substitute, but also as a really simple way to get in a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients all at once. A refreshing and hydrating alternative to a thick dairy-based drink - make a seasonal strawberry lemonade smoothie! In a blender, combine 1 banana, a handful of frozen strawberries, a packet of True Lemon Strawberry Lemonade, a handful of ice, and then top with filtered water. Blend until smooth and enjoy! 

Here are a few more deliciously refreshing summer smoothies:

Orange sunrise smoothie

ORANGEyakiddin' Me Sunrise Smoothie

Love the vanilla-orange flavor of a creamsicle treat? Then this smoothie is for you.

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Honeyed Orange Mango Refresher

Sweet, tropical flavors will wake you up with delight in this recipe.


True Summer Margarita Smoothie

We certainly recommend omitting the tequila if you’re having this in the morning, but what says ‘summer’ more than a margarita?


Slushie Mocktails (or Cocktails)

Since alcohol is so dehydrating, a refreshing slushie mocktail is the perfect choice not only for beating the heat, but also for replenishing your H2O levels. Here are some of our favorite recipes for non-alcoholic summer drinks, and a few more delicious recipe ideas (easy to make with or without the booze):

Cherry melon mojito cooler

Cherry-Melon Mojito Cooler

Mint and watermelon beautifully compliment each other in this frosty summertime drink.

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True Lime Pineapple Mint Punch

Refreshing and festive, this punch combines fresh mint and pineapple for a special party treat.


Rosemary Lemonade (Virgin or Boozy)

You will love this new take on classic lemonade. Great for entertaining or just enjoying a refreshing drink on a beautiful day. Add bourbon to turn it into an adult cocktail that your friends will love.


True Citrus Champagne Punch

This delicious citrusy punch makes for the perfect celebration cocktail, or tasty brunch beverage! Want to keep it alcohol-free? Swap out the champagne and use sparkling water instead.

Kid holding glass of slushie

True Citrus Slushies

A simple but refreshing drink, easy to customize however you’d like - blend up your own True Citrus Slushies! Make a kid-friendly summer drink by using our newest drink mixes, made specifically with flavors that kids love (and that contain parent-approved ingredients). 

Iced Tea: Elevated

Iced tea is an easy and classic summertime drink, but why not take it to the next level? True Lemon Sweetened Iced Teas are a simple mix to just add to water, but here are even more delicious iced tea recipes:

True Citrus Tumeric Tea

True Citrus Turmeric Tea

Get your daily dose of turmeric with this delicious tea while also reducing inflammation in your body. Instead of serving warm, enjoy it over ice instead!

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Peach Green Tea Punch

The perfect companion to a summer lunch or picnic.


True Citrus Tea with Hibiscus & Goji Berries

Whether or not Goji berries are as miraculous for health as some claim, their nut-like taste gives an interesting flavor to this exotic iced tea.


However you stay hydrated this summer, these refreshing seasonal drinks will help you stay cool and hydrated throughout the warmer months this year.