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November 10, 2016

What You Can Do to Help Stop Hunger!

It may be surprising that there are many people in America that go hungry every day. 48 million Americans (including 15 million children) are affected by hunger and lack of access to healthy foods.

This time of year as we begin to prepare for the holiday season, it is important to remember others that may not be so fortunate. The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks believes that hunger is a solvable issue, and is leading the fight to end it.

Here are some steps you can take to work towards ending hunger:

  • Talk about it.
    Raising awareness of hunger is a great way to start. Whether it's talking to your kids over the dinner table, or sharing a personal experience with friends, discussing the topic will inspire others to take action. Write it on a plate, take a selfie, post your social media channels with #HungerActionMonth, and remember to tag @FeedingAmerica. Do whatever you can to get the word out there!
  • Advocate.
    Contact your local representatives, and talk to them about federal hunger relief programs. Enlist your elected officials for help, and let them know that it will take all of us working together to solve the problem.
  • Set up a fundraising campaign or event.
    If you're ready to take the next step, set up your own campaign to fight hunger! Instead of asking for birthday gifts, ask for your friends and family to donate to your cause in lieu of gifts. Showing your passion for the cause will inspire others to do the same!
  • Be aware.
    This time of year, a lot of grocery stores will offer a small addition to your grocery bill (around $10) to donate dinner to a family in need. Keep your eye out for opportunities like these, and forego a few of your usual weekly purchases to help feed a family in your community.
  • Volunteer.
    The Feeding America network of food banks serve virtually every community across the country. Connect with your food bank for local ways to get involved. If your family is involved in a community group such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts,or 4H, see if the group can volunteer together!

It's the choices we make every day in our communities that will build a better future. Click here to learn more about Feeding America, and how you can help.

Together, we can solve hunger!